ProXtend - Patchkabel - RJ-45 (han) til RJ-45 (han) - 25 cm - 6 mm - UTP - CAT 6a - IEEE 802.3at - halogenfri, formet, knastfri, strenget - oranssi - oranssi
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Kuljetus Bring -palvelupisteeseen9,92

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The ProXtend CAT6A U/UTP CU ethernet cables are produced with 99.9% pure copper strands and an AWG of 24 to ensure the absolute best performance. The outer jacket of the cable is made from LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) ensuring low amounts of smoke, toxic fumes, and no acid gasses in case of a fire. The cable is reinforced with strain relief for increased durability and a snagless latch protection allowing for secure installation. Plated with 50”U gold, the connector provides more durability and a higher quality transmission rate. A 50”U gold connector can deliver up to 4x more throughput than a standard metal connector. 50”U is the thickest available and most optimal gold plating.

All ProXtend CAT6A U/UTP CU ethernet cables support PoE+.

Supporting a variety of cable standards, lengths and shieldings, ProXtend is your one stop shop for ethernet cables ensuring that you are always able to find a cable that best suits your network requirements.